Wheeled Rig Soil Sampling

The wheeled sampling and profiling rigs are primarily used for dynamic probing, an application where a continuous density profile of the soil is obtained. However these rigs can also be used for soil sampling where the fixed cone is replaced by sampling tubes.

These rigs are very maneuverable and can access almost any location including up and down flights of stairs, through doorways and up and down slopes. The rig is light enough to be carried over obstacles should the need arise. In order to maintain the maneuverability of the equipment all of the associated tools such as the jacking system are hand portable.

These rigs are most often used in site investigations around domestic dwellings, close to railway lines and in areas of limited headroom(2.40m).

Southern Ground Testing operate a wheeled rig configured to Super Heavy Dynamic Probe (Standard Penetration Test), which again can access difficult areas such as stairs. The wheeled rigs are normally driven by petrol powered engines.

However Southern Ground Testing have a rig which is electric powered. This is rig is used in situations where exhaust fumes are undesirable such as in a basement or in a controlled environment.

The wheeled rigs can install gas and groundwater monitoring wells of up to 35mm diameter and have been used to install drive-in piezometers in dense gravels.

Electric powered dynamic probing