In Situ Testing

Southern Ground Testing carry out various in situ testing in accordance with BS1377.1990. All equipment is calibrated to UKAS standards and our staff have many years of experience in carrying out these tests in a variety of site situations.

In situ testing that Southern Ground Testing currently carry out are as follows:

California Bearing Ratio, (CBR), testing is a bearing test carried out on subsoil to provide an indication of soil strength to determine the thickness of capping stone prior to road construction. Southern ground testing provide a variety of equipment to determine CBR’s depending on the particular site requirements and ground conditions.

Plate load testing is a bearing test where the ground is loaded with circular steel plates via a hydraulic jack and the ground reaction in terms of settlement is monitored using travel gauges fixed to datum bars. Plate load testing may be used to check the compaction of earthworks soils or the suitability of piling mats. A CBR value can also be determined by plate loading where the soil is too coarse for direct CBR testing.

In Situ Density determinations, sand replacement method for fine grained soils and water replacement method for coarse grained soils.

CBR profiling using DCP

Plate load test close up

Plate load test in an excavation

Sand Replacement test

In site Density determination on coarse soil by
water replacement

In Situ CBR test on compacted stone