Tracked Rig Soil Sampling

Southern Ground Testing operate several tracked soil sampling and profiling rigs. These units are self propelled rubber tracked percussive rigs. They are transported to and from site on the back of a van.

Soil sample tubes are driven into the ground by means of a drop weight which is configured to Standard Penetration Test, that is a 63.5 kg weight dropping over 0.75m.

Sample tubes are generally 1.0m long and start at 116mm in diameter. The soil is retained within a plastic sleeve which ensures a high quality non cross contaminated sample. Sample tubes are withdrawn from the ground using a hydraulic ram.

The optimum depth range for these rigs is 0 to 6m although depths of 10m can be achieved in suitable ground conditions. Standard Penetration tests are carried out to provide an indication of relative density of the soil, alternatively hand vane tests can be carried out in the recovered tubes.

Where soil profiling only is required the sample tube is replaced by a solid cone. A continuous density profile of the ground is obtained. This dynamic probing is often carried out prior to the installation of piled foundations.

These rigs are ideal for the rapid installation of shallow gas and groundwater monitoring wells up to 50mm diameter. Where the borehole is on concrete a coring attachment is fixed to the rig. Coring can take place up to 200mm in diameter and floor slabs up to 1 metre in thickness can be penetrated.

Southern Ground Testing run a narrow rig which can access through a standard door width. The rigs require 3 metres of headroom. For sites in confined spaces Southern Ground Testing operate an electric powered extractor fan system for ventilation of exhaust fumes.

Standard tracked soil sampling

Internal drilling showing extractor fan

Tracked rig boring on an embankment

Wide tracked rig for soft access sites