Southern Ground Testing is a Site Investigation company specialising in Soil Sampling and Profiling using portable drilling apparatus, and in situ testing in accordance with BS1377.1990.

Applications for our drilling services include

  • Environmental sampling such as filling station forecourts to provide samples for chemical analysis.
  • Installations of gas and groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Drilling to prove the competence of the soil profile to aid foundation design of new buildings.
  • Determination of the depth to competent strata where settlement or subsidence has take place prior to foundation underpinning.
  • Slope and embankment stability analysis.
  • Coring of floor slabs and walls to determine the thickness and nature of concrete and/or masonry.

Southern Ground Testing also carry out In Situ Soil Testing such as CBR testing, Plate Load testing and In Situ Density Determinations.

Our operatives have many years experience and our training includes Railway Safety (PTS), NRSWA Highways and Streetworks accreditation, CSCS.